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I know, I know.. This is an epic performance on the history of AI. But for me, the best in this video is Jennifer Holliday’s EXTREME facial expressions. It’s just too much and too.. HARD. LMAO. I like Holliday. I mean, she’s super talented and her voice is powerful, but I never thought I’d be entertained by her face here. She’s so LOL! What struck me most is at the beginning, when she delivered her first line, “And I am telling you, I’m not go-UNGGGG” LMAO I can’t hold myself there. It seems like she’s singing and decided to YAWN at the “going” part. then she flinched her tongue like she’s cleaning her teeth. *rofl* And there’s this part in the middle where Jessica delivered her line and she was just looking at her making several facial expressions like cuh-razy! damn! hahahahahha This is totally the best entertaining video by a singing performance ever! 

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    Hahaha we are on the exact same page. I have never enjoyed a performance more than I enjoyed this one.
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    Most Epic DUet !! but jennifers face tho«< O.o
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    Best performance ever. This girl should’ve won.
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